Our Ministries

Our Purpose

Our central purpose is to glorify God. We seek to ensure that every part of our services is carried out in a way that pleases and honors the Savior. Each member of Calvary Baptist Church is encouraged through the preaching and teaching of God's word to be an exemplary witness for Christ at church, home and in their communities. Faithfulness is at the core of all our teaching and preaching. Members are further encouraged to be at all regular services, as well as other meetings and events. We teach the value of a Christian home environment, an active prayer life, a living relationship with the Lord, the importance of loving one another, and the need to be spiritually responsible and doctrinally sound.

Service Times & Structure

All of our classes are staffed with qualified and proven teachers. Our Sunday School program is divided by age so that our staff can be the most effective at teaching God’s word on a level their students can comprehend.

The music in all of our services is hymnal based. Our choir and special music is best described as traditional and conservative. We have found by both history and experience that this is the music God uses and has blessed. All choir members, as well as all those involved in our music program, are required to be faithful to all of our services and to have a good testimony for their Lord.

Though we love singing, Bible based preaching is still the main focus of our morning service.

We provide a “Junior Church” program for ages 3-12 during the morning service. Children who attend these services will hear a message from God’s Word presented in a way that is appropriate to their age. You may choose to send your child to Junior Church or keep them with you in the regular service.

We also proved a clean and well staffed nursery. If you choose to keep your small child with your in the service and they become "fussy," we also have a “Cry Room” where you can keep your child with you but still see the service, as well as hear the message.
Our discipleship program is staffed by teachers who have the experience and knowledge to be a help to others in their Christian growth. Our Discipleship program is divided into two groups - Basic and Advance - so that our staff can teach God’s word as effectively as possible at a level the students will be able to comprehend.

In our Sunday evening service every one meets together in the auditorium. However, the nursery and cry room are always available.

Sunday night services most often consist of sermon series and messages with the saved in mind. As in all of our services, we always have preaching.

On Wednesday evening we have our Master Clubs program for ages 3-12. This program focuses on teaching basic Bible knowledge and Bible memory at a level appropriate for the age of the child. However, Master Clubs goes beyond learning and memorizing scriptures and teaches young people how to serve the Lord as well. The students learn how to share Christ, how teach a bible lesson or story, to serve others and many other practical lessons on serving Christ. The children have fun, but learning God's word and how to use it in serving Him is always the goal.

For those over 12 we have the preaching of God’s Word. The aim of our Wednesday evening messages is often practical in nature. Topics on Wednesdays are frequently those which relate to the family, daily living, the Christian walk, issues of the day such as the false teaching, and so forth.

Our Ministries

  • Soul-Winning Program
  • Junior Church
  • Youth Ministries
  • Sunday School for all ages
  • College and Career Class
  • Discipleship Class
  • Young Married Couples Class
  • Bus Ministry
  • Master Clubs
  • Sunday Meal for Singles and Visitors
  • Nursery
  • Choir
  • Bible Institute
  • Secret Sisters
  • Sound Ministry
  • Nursing Home
  • Home Bible Studies
  • Scripture Ministry
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